Your Birth Story

One thing I know with absolute surety is…

You will never regret having your birth images to look back on. Even if you have an emotionally difficult experience, you will look back on the day your baby entered this world with love and gratitude for your body.

An excerpt from my blog...


Walk with me for a moment. Imagine this is your story...

You are 6 cm dilated and 80% effaced! YAY!

After that brief celebration, you feel contractions getting stronger and stronger. Your doula has been helping tremendously, but you want your husband for this next contraction. You both are tested in endurance and strength as you pace the room and hallway. As you lean on your husband for support (both physically and emotionally) you don't even notice your photographer capturing you laboring like a rockstar and the soon-to-be daddy right there with you. Breath for breath and moan for moan...he sees you! Your doula steps in after a while to give dad a break and your photographer takes this opportunity to snap a few photos of her focusing intently on getting you through the next contraction. Your face looks relaxed and happy even though you are going through what feels like an impossible task. 

The first time you see your baby is life-changing!

However, birth memories tend to fade and get fuzzy over time.

You can have your whole experience documented and frozen in time so that

later you can reflect on your remarkable journey. 

Birth is unpredictable so, I am...



I will be on call for your birth starting at 38 weeks until baby comes. I am ready to miss family events and will refrain from travel to make sure I am all yours.

"off-call" option available upon request


My bags are packed and ready! Once I get the call to come, I'll be on my way. I will be at your side from active labor through delivery and up to 2 hours after birth.

With You

Being there with you the whole time allows me to focus on you laboring like a rockstar, your husband being your hero and baby coming earth-side!

Capturing Firsts

I'll capture those precious first moments like your first glance, baby's first cry, that "I did it" moment, skin-to-skin, those weepy eyes, and love looks between you and your husband.


Once baby arrives I switch to focus on all the postpartum moments with your new family. I am there during breastfeeding, weight and measure, meeting siblings and time with daddy. 

Birth Premiere

After you have a few days to settle in, we will schedule a *birth premiere of all your irreplaceable moments. You will then receive a secure online gallery with 80-120 hand-edited finished photos, an invitation to print & a personal print release. 

*Perfect time for

newborn portraits ;)


Your Birth Story Investment is $1895

Jump into spring special!

75% off! -  Fully Booked - $473.75

after that,

50% off! - Only 2 spots available - $947.50

after that, 

25% off! - Only spot available - $1421.25 

(tax already included)

Gift Registry

Payment Plans

Credit Card Accepted

Add Doula support

I'm ready to be there for you. However, availability is 2 Mamas per month.

Do not hesitate, inquire about your due date today to make sure I'm all yours.

"We were so grateful to have had Stephanie photograph our daughter's birth. [She] managed to capture not just images but emotions of the most important moments. I'd enthusiastically recommend Stephanie to anyone considering a birth (or newborn) photographer!"-Rachel

Because birth is so private, a public gallery is limited. 

"To give women in my community the knowledge and comfort that builds security and confidence in their birth story-no matter how it turned out is priceless! 

As a Professional Birth Photographer, I feel it is the absolute BEST way to show women how amazing they were, their spouses were and their baby was during labor and birth! Women deserve to have that confidence so they feel good, not terrified, about having more children and sharing that happiness with others. Only then can we begin to tear down that ugly wall of fear that robs so many families of a wonderful birth experience".

-Yours, faithfully.

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