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Why hire a birth photographer?

Updated: Feb 5

The contractions started to ramp up. The Pitocin was really working! My husband was doing the best he could to help me, but it was of little avail. The epidural finally came, and I got some rest and relief.

After that, there are some moments I remember, but only a few jump out at me.

It’s all just a blur.

~Me, your birth photographer. That’s MY story.

Have you heard that kind of story before? Was it you that experienced something like that? That is the story of many women. Labor is difficult, tiring…scratch that last one…exhausting! But for some, all they remember is pain and sleeping and more pain until baby comes. Then all the memory gets wiped away with that wonderful first cry. You finally have your baby! You wish you could remember all the moments that brought you to “Mama Status”, but sometimes you just can't. This is why you want to have your birth documented.

1. How many times have you witnessed pure love? Every time I photograph a birth I get to see mom’s face when she meets her baby for the first time! It’s an amazing high that affects the whole room and her face is priceless. There’s a lot going on in the room once baby is earth side and dad’s reaction is one of those that only the attendants get to see. He’s looking at you with love eyes…every single time!

It’s more than just looks of love though. Birth is a deep connection between the mother, father and baby. This is your family’s birth story. You created and birthed a beautiful baby! You are becoming a mother and a father. This is the birth of your next chapter in life. One that your children will love to see when they are older.

2. You will remember MORE than just pain. You will remember the peacefulness of the tub and your mother putting a washcloth on your forehead. You will remember how much vernix (that cheesy white stuff on babies) your little one had right after birth. You will remember that contraction you didn’t think you could get past, but YOU DID. You are STRONG and POWERFUL! YOU BIRTHED A BABY!

3. You will look back and see how much dad really did help you through! I was told later that all I wanted to do through EVERY contraction was to kiss (ummm nope….MAKE OUT) with my husband in front of everyone! I remember kissing him a lot, but like make out….no. I remember him telling me I could do it, going to the bathroom (80 million times), EATING and not pressing hard enough on my back to relieve the back labor. No offense honey, but I don’t remember you doing much.

The emotion that dad evokes and provides is so important! He’s the one pushing so hard on your back to relieve that back labor even though his wrists are shot. He’s not giving a crap about MAKING OUT with you in public because it takes some of the pain away. He’s the one telling you that you are AMAZING and STRONG and COURAGEOUS! He’s not the one taking pictures of you laboring-without him.

4. These memories will help you process your birth and feel empowered that YOU ACCOMPLISHED a seemingly impossible task. Can you think of a time where you were so proud of yourself that you could not help but glow with happiness!? Being able to SEE what you went through can give you more understanding of why your body looks the way it does or help you process the way you feel about how your birth unfolded, good or bad. Birth changes you forever weather you had a vaginal or cesarean birth, a VBAC, a change in your birth plan, transferred to a hospital, had an unmedicated birth, or chose an epidural. Having documentation of what you went through in a positive way, can help you feel empowered where you might have felt stressed. You can reminisce being proud of what YOU DID!

5. You want a professional photograph this delicate time in your life. Most of the time, regardless of place, the room is darkened to allow for mom to relax. It can be difficult to shoot in such low light-even for professionals. Also, once labor picks up and mama reaches transition, things tend to happen fast. You don’t want someone fumbling with a camera right in the way of the doctor or midwife, do you? A trained professional, like myself, knows what to do, where to be, what kind of shots you do and DO NOT want. Lastly, documenting your birth is not a point and shoot event. This is a special story-your story and I want it to be told artistically.

6. To capture all those firsts! That first breath and cry, first kisses, first embrace. This is love at first sight! I want you to have these moments to look at forever because they are precious!

Alright, now you know why you should hire a birth photographer, BUUTT…

Why is it so expensive?

It is known that birth photography is an investment but let me tell you what your money pays for and why it is soooo worth it. I am a dedicated photographer who is on call 24/7 for up to 5 weeks ready to document every moment of your labor and birth. You could go into labor at 38 weeks or at 42 weeks. So, if you went past your estimated due date to 42 weeks then I would be on call for 5 weeks. I will have to miss family functions, won’t be able to travel more than 60 minutes away, will have to drop everything (including my own children’s events) and come to shoot your birth.

If birth photography causes so many interruptions in my daily life, you might ask, “Then why do it?” Simply put, I am in love with birth! I am in love with all the reasons I listed above in why you should have me photograph your birth. It really is the most amazing thing you can witness and EVERY SINGLE TIME a new baby is born, and parents are made, I cry quietly in the corner. This is my calling in life and I cannot wait to capture Your Birth Story.

Availability is two births per month. Contact now to reserve your due date!

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