• Stephanie Lecker

Potty training woes!

I was making lunch in the kitchen and made the mistake of letting the potty training 2 year old loose in the house....this does not end well!

I heard nothing (some of you know this to be a very bad sign of something sinister happening). I peered around the corner and found my son squatting and POOPING right there on the floor! Naturally, I ran over to get him to the toilet. It wasn't too late, he hadn't finished. it wasn't that big of a poop. The fun doesn't stop here ladies...keep reading!

About 5 minutes pass and he's still on the toilet, but says he's almost done. I just finished cleaning up the floor and went in to wipe him clean. WEEELLLLLL......

Wiping him clean was NOT an option at this point! He was HEAD TO TOE COVERED in poop! It gets pretty graphic right about now so, you've been warned!

He had taken the liberty of reaching in the toilet and pulling out gobs of poop and smearing it ALL OVER HIS BODY!!!!

It was everywhere! On his chest. On his legs. In his hair. IN HIS EARS!!!?? Yeaaaahhhh, mama was not so happy and kind of lost it for a moment!

Needless to say, a serious wash down was about to happen! We rinsed and washed and repeated 2 times! It was disgusting and totally felt like a fail! Though, I would have been in there if I wasn't already cleaning the poop off the floor. I wouldn't have been cleaning poop off the floor if I hadn't been making lunch. And we gotta eat!

Well, maybe not after that! Happy Monday!

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