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Unseen Moments of Genuine Joy

Updated: Jan 26

Walk with me for a moment...Imagine this is your story...

It's 3 pm and you're 40 weeks +3 days pregnant...still pregnant! You've been off work for 2 days wondering if this baby will ever come. You go take a nap since you've been feeling tightening in your abdomen all afternoon. When you wake up you realize you may have peed yourself...or your water just broke! Time to call your husband, doctor, doula and photographer!

Husband is already on his way home. Thank goodness!

The moment he arrives he turns on loving husband mode and starts to help you through contractions. He gets you comfortable, pulls out his reference workbook from birth class and reminds you of everything you both learned. You become super impressed with him because he's not "the type" to be hands on and ready, but this time HE IS! You are now confident in him and you start to relax. Since contractions are still pretty far apart and your network reassured you that there's still a long time to go, you talk with your husband and you both decide you will go about the evening as normal. You eat dinner, watch Outlander and go to bed a little early knowing you won't be getting much sleep after tonight.

"Oh man! What was that!?", you sit up in bed and realize you just had a big contraction. Hubby wakes up and comforts you while grabbing his phone. It's 2:15 am when he calls your care team and before you know it, you're out the door and on your way to birth your baby!

Your Doula and Photographer greet you at the entrance to the hospital. As you check-in and breathe with you doula, your photographer starts snapping a few first photos. At first you hear the click of the shutter, but then it no longer enters you mind and you don't even know she's still taking pictures. All of you ride the elevator together and arrive at your birth suite. While you get comfortable and settled in, your doula helps your husband set up camp and the photographer gives you some space. She's still clicking away, but of the room number, nurses station, flowers on the counter, date on the calendar and the front page of the newspaper. Making priceless keepsakes of the day your baby was born.

After awhile, the doctor comes in and asks if you'd like a pelvic exam to see how much you've dilated. You agree and the photographer steps out. When she reenters, you tell her you are 6 cm dilated and 80% effaced! YAY!

After that brief celebration, you start feeling contractions getting stronger and stronger. Your doula has been helping you cope with her many labor tricks and essentials she brought with her. They are helping tremendously, but you want your husband for this next contraction. You both are tested in endurance and strength as you pace the room and hallway. As you lean on your husband for love and support (both physically and emotionally) you don't even notice your photographer capturing you laboring like a rockstar and the soon-to-be daddy right there with you. Breath for breath and moan for moan...he sees you! Your doula steps in after awhile to give dad a break and your photographer takes this opportunity to snap a few photos of her being the very image of support. Your face looks relaxed and happy even though you are going through what feels like an impossible task.

You can't deny it now, baby is coming! You glance around the room....where is your photographer?! Oh! There she is-way back in the corner of the room giving the medical team all the room they need to set up for birth. You don't think about her again.

Time to push. Baby's head is out and your husband kisses your forehead. One more push and baby will be out. You give it all you have and then.....you no longer feel the pressure and pain. You hear baby screaming as they place her on your chest! You look at her and you immediately fall in love!

Dad is right there gazing at his baby girl with intense love eyes...seen even through the tears. You are looking at her too, but now need to focus on pushing out the placenta. One more big push and you give birth to the tree of life that kept baby girl alive this whole time. By now, your baby is calm, but hungry and ready to nurse. As you start helping her latch, you see your birth photographer. She's right next to you at the top of the bed! When did she get there? How long has she been there? You ask her if she thinks your baby is beautiful when you notice that she too is crying from all the love that just passed through this room right before her lens. You know in that moment, she loves documenting birth.

The next few hours you notice she is STILL snapping photos of you and your new family. Making sure to capture those tiny wrinkly toes, the downy hair that covers all of baby, and of course her weight! After an hour or so, dad wants to hold his baby for the first time! He prepares to be skin-to-skin with her and starts to cry as he feels her super soft skin. The look on his face says, "I'll always protect you". You start to cry and he can't stop now...genuine joy fills your room and echoes down the hallway.

Your photographer packs up her bag and politely wishes the new family a wonderful first day together as she leaves you three to get better acquainted.

A few days go by and you are now back at home with your little slice of heaven-you are ready for your newborn shoot. After the shoot, you put baby girl down for a nap and settle in for Your Birth Story premiere. You have no idea what to expect and the moment before you press play, you realize...you vaguely remember what you are about to see. It wasn't even a week ago and the memories are fuzzy. As you start watching, it all starts to come back. You see yourself dangling from your incredibly strong husbands neck, your doula putting counter pressure on your back, your body working hard to bring your baby earth-side. It's the moment you've been waiting for...she's almost crowning. Your photographer was very thorough in gathering your expectations before labor so, you know what you are about to see. "There's the baby's head! Look at all her hair!! Awwww, babe you were so loving! I don't remember you kissing me!", you say. He says, "I kissed you a lot! You are so strong! Look at what you are about to do!" The baby is out! And as you watch yourself give birth to your child you feel an overwhelming sense of security in yourself! YOU DO THAT!

Tears of joy can't be held back. Both you and your husband are so happy knowing you'll always have those memories to look back on. And in those last moments of the video you realize that your baby will see this someday and know how amazing her mama was, how loving her daddy was and how the two of them brought her into the world together.

If you are interested in having your baby's birth documented, please do not wait to book your due date. At this time, I am only able to serve a few births per month.

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