COVID-19 Policy

We want to keep you safe no matter what service you are receiving!

  • Two support persons are allowed in most hospitals in Wisconsin. One is a support person of your choice, usually the father, and the other is a Certified Doula (with proof of certification upon admission). 

  • Because I am a Certified Doula and a Photographer, I can do both and AM allowed into the hospital or birth center. 

  • Most childbirth classes can be virtual upon request.

  • Our in-person classes have several meeting sites to allow for smaller and larger groups. 

  • No class will have more than 5 couples + 1 instructor and 1 guest speaker at a time. 

  • Masks and physical distancing will be required at all times. 

  • The instructor will offer clean utensils at each start of class and will sanitize them thoroughly throughout class.