Code of Ethics

I hold myself to a moral code of ethics to demonstrate professional integrity. I have adopted my professional code from the governing bodies through which I am certified for guidance. Below is a combination of ethical codes from myself, Birth Boot Camp, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, and Birthboud Photography.

All of which I take seriously.


I aim to exhibit professionalism during class, photo sessions, and as a doula in any birth setting.  This includes interactions with clients, peers, medical professionals, birth team members, support staff, administration, and others. I will follow all hospital and birth center rules and regulations.


I seek honesty and kindness in all my interactions with clients, peers, and other birth professionals.


It is an industry-standard to ensure you have backup gear and a backup photographer when shooting birth photography. Birth photographers and doulas should carry appropriate insurance for their business.

I seek to be accountable to my clients (I do not want to miss a birth so, it is the client's responsibility to call well in advance). I will abide by the contract in regards to being on call, image delivery, and archiving.


Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.  This includes both image theft and plagiarism.

I have a business license in accordance with my local laws and regulations.

I DO pay tax in accordance with the local, state, regional, and national laws.

I utilize legal contracts with all clients to protect both my business and my clients.

Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability, or other factors is prohibited.


I will show respect for the establishment birth classes are held & birth space at all times. This includes respecting the birth choices a family makes, the birth team, care providers, location rules, and family members involved. It also includes all rules and policies any establishment my have when conducting birth classes.

It is important to remember that the job of the medical staff is a higher priority than getting a particular photograph.


I will provide the client with confidentiality in accordance with their contract at all times. This is particularly important when sharing my presence at a birth as well as images, especially those of intimate nature, on social media.