You're having a baby! 

There's so much to learn and so much to do. You might wonder how you'll ever be able to do this- to give birth- rest knowing you will be well taken care of. It is my joy and passion in life to walk beside you throughout your entire journey.

Having thorough birth education will help you  feel confident in your decisions.

Hiring a doula will put you  at ease when it is time for your baby to come.

Imagine you are not afraid of birth.

Imagine you are confident to make and stand by your birth choices.

Imagine your partner knows exactly what you need when you need it during birth.

Imagine you are at peace with all variations of how birth may unfold.

That sounds wonderful, doesn't it?


Birth Education

Choose the right class for your needs. Hospital, home birth & birth center specific classes.

In-person and virtual available. 

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Feel supported in every decision you make. Ease the tension with techniques that work! Let me take care of you.

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Birth Photography

Your birth story is unique. 

Remember the moments that made you a Mama. Remember your baby's journey into the world.