My Birth Philosophy

I believe in a woman's right to have every possible advantage working for her during the process of growing, birthing, and sustaining her child. I am dual certified as a Doula and a Birth Educator with Birth Boot Camp. I want to help women not fear birth. You should feel safe and respected to approach birth in whatever way best fits you and your baby.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

                  , my name is Stephanie Lecker and I am Mama to two beautiful and compassionate little boys, a super cuddly Pomeranian Chihuahua, and a wife to a thoughtful and generous man.

My journeys through labor and birth have brought me love and pain; joy and loss.

Our first son was breech, and his delivery was rough, we felt like we were prepared and knew what to expect… boy, were we wrong! About a year later we were surprised with a second pregnancy, but this baby was not meant to be. After these two challenging experiences, I was determined for the next time to be different. Our second son’s pregnancy, labor, and birth were night and day different from his brother's. My husband and I were determined to practice the techniques and methods we needed to give us the birth that we had always wanted and because of that, I had such a redemptive birth! These experiences and my education from Birth Boot Camp showed me what I have known for a long time (since 2012), I am called to work with expecting women! 

My mission is to provide you with unbiased, evidence-based tools, guidance, and support to help you feel confident making your own choices during pregnancy, birth and as a parent. This isn't about sticking it to "the man". This is about trusting your body so you are Educated Empowered during such an important time in your life. You can birth your baby without fear or shame and on your own terms while working together with open-minded health professionals. It is my pleasure to help you sustain that.


Not only do I get to capture the most real thing you will ever do, feel, or experience, but I get to Enhance that experience for you afterward with photographs you will treasure forever! Nothing in your life will be as transformative as birth. You'll want to have Your Birth Story to take in and cherish forever. There are so many amazing moments in birth to make sure you freeze in time and ensure the memory never fades. When a laboring woman thinks she can't do it anymore and her husband is holding her hand telling her that she can do hard things, is just one example!



You will have a story.

Let it be one you will never forget!